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  1. Made with Dyneema SK-75 fiber.

  2. 1/7th the weight of a steel wire rope of the same diameter.

  3. Floats,minimal weight-torque free.

  4. No kinks,curls or wire splinters.

  5. Minimal stretch,non-rotational.

  6. V little lash-back occurs.

  7. UV Resistance.

  8. Abrasion resistance.

  9. V Specially coated prevent from slipping off the winch drum.

  10. With sleeve prevents from heating.

  11. Specially costed for added heat resistance.


P/NSpecification (DiaxL)Applicable WinchBreaking Limit Load
911228131/64"x94' (12mmx28m)15000lbs24700lbs
91112717/16"x90' (1 1mmx27m)12000lbs22500lbs
911045125/64" x150' (10mmx45m)10000lbs19310lbs
911028125/64"x94' (10mmx28m)
911024125/64"x80' (10mmx24m)
911015125/64"x50' (10mmx15m)
91942813/8"x94' (9.4mmx28m)9500lbs17600lbs
91942413/8"x80' (9.4mmx24m)
91941513/8"x50' (9.4mmx 15m)
919130123/64"x 100' (9. 1mmx30m)9000lbs16550lbs
919124123/64"x80' (9. 1mmx24m)
919115123/64"x50' (9. 1mmx 15m)

P/NSpecification (DiaxL)Applicable WinchBreaking Limit Load
918630111/32"x 100' (8.6mmx30m)8000lbs15000lbs
918624111/32"x80' (8.6mmx24m)
918615111/32"x50' (8.6mmx15m)
91751513/10"x50' (7.5mmx 15m)6000lbs12000lbs
91631511/4" x50' (6.3mmx15m)4500lbs8400lbs
91551514/19"x50' (5. 5mmx 15m)3500lbs5600lbs
91471513/16"x50' (4.7mmx 15m)2500lbs4600lbs


Winch Extension Rope

P/NSpecification (DiaxL)Breaking Force(BLL)
91753033/10"x 100'(7.5mmx30m)6T


Synthetic Tow Rope

P/NSpecification (DiaxL)Breaking Force(BLL)
91630641/4"x20' (6.3mmx6m)5T


Fiber rope will fail in case of worn, damaged,overloaded,or not properly maintained;The user is responsible to determine the suitability of a rope for specific applications; Use only rope in good condition,without cuts or pulled strands; Bear in mind the working load limitation of your rope; Do not exceed the working load limitation or shock load of your rope; Do not stand within the lash-back area;Do not useovr rough surfaces without chafe protection; Do not bend around unprotected, sharp corners.