The new Mazda SUV CX-7 is released and sold in October

2010-07-22 09:30


Mazda CX-7 takes the sports crossover suv as the development concept, perfectly integrates the sports car appearance with the comfortable and practical driving of medium and high-class cars, and provides consumers with unique handling experience. It has unique features in appearance design, interior space, exquisite technology, handling and so on.

CX-7 has obvious advantages in the same class in terms of vehicle size. In terms of power, the CX-7 is equipped with a 2.3L direct injection turbocharged engine, which is enough to meet the needs of SUV enthusiasts in cities, while taking into account the economy of urban use

CX-7 is more suitable for some entry-level SUV enthusiasts. Different from the existing traditional SUV models, cx7 is developed with Mazda's unique R & D platform, which fully embodies the essence of Mazda's sports car brand.